Friday, February 27, 2015

‘McFarland, USA' Director On Why It Was Important To Not Make A ‘White Savior Movie'

Source by Carolina Moreno

‘McFarland, USA’ follows the true-story of coach John White and his all-Latino track team, who despite being newcomers to the sport overcome obstacles to become champions. But director Niki Caro said she was very “conscious” of avoiding a white savior plot.
During an interview with the Motion Picture Association of America’s online magazine, The Credits, the film’s director said the story may be centered around White (Kevin Costner) but its real stars are the the individuals that make up the community.
“We were very conscious of not making a white savior movie, and you could have with the material, but it was really important for us that he be a flawed guy who was ultimately redeemed by the community,” Caro told The Credits. “You see him become a better coach, a better father and a better man through his interaction with this place and these people.”                           

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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Will Miss Universe Paulina Vega be the next hot Latino Hollywood star?

Paulina Vega won the 2014 Miss Universe competition and with this win a 'love affair' has begun between her, fans and some television and film entertainment insiders who quietly believe that she will be a hot Hollywood commodity at the conclusion of her reign because of her gorgeous looks, outgoing personality and connection with Latino fans.

Since her win she has been a topic of conversation at the water cooler with fans and there is belief that she could become a star as an actress. There was not much discussion about her as an actress and potential entertainment personality until a picture of her was uploaded to her social media Instagram page which showed not in a swimsuit but in relaxed clothing have fun and looking very sexy.
In the picture she is wearing black jeans, a white t-shirt tied at the waist to expose her fit stomach, black sunglasses and heels and she looks 'rush-hour traffic-stopping' gorgeous (Instagram - February 22). The pose she provided was one of a confident, sexy woman who some entertainment insiders could imagine walking across the camera and leaving fans so transfixed that even after she is off the camera fans would still be thinking about her.

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8 Banned Books by Latino Authors

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In recent months, The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao has come under fire from parents in West Essex, New Jersey, who have labeled the Pulitzer Prize winning novel "vulgar" and "pornographic." Those parents have now demanded that the Board of Education remove the book from the high school curicullum.

Sadly, countless books have come under similar scrutiny, many Latino works have been banned, including classics like Bless Me, Ultima and The House Of The Spirits and more. As they say: banning a book is the best way to inspire people to read it. In the spirit of that idea, pick up one of these books that have, at one point, been banned.

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Rubén Blades Still Undecided on Presidential Bid

Rubén Blades, the legendary musician and 2014 Latin Grammy winner for best tango album, told his fans that he’s not ready to commit to another run for president of Panama.  He lost his first presidential bid in 1994.

Blades, 66, said it was still premature to call him a presidential candidate at this point even though he’s expressed interest, and he decided to clarify his plans on his Facebook page.  Media reports surfaced following an appearance at Carnaval in Barranquilla, Colombia last week saying Blades was ready to run in 2019. The singer said that political reforms needed to pass which would allow an independent candidate to win an election, and that he needs to be in good health since he’ll be 71 by the time elections roll around.

He’s not the only Latino celebrity involved in politics. From Alejandro González Iñarritu’s Oscar comments about Mexico’s government to Eva Longoria’s work to get more Latinos elected to political office in the United States, Latino celebrities are using their star power to help push for political change.

Monday, February 23, 2015

How Mexicans Became Hollywood's Best Directors

To the rolls of jazz drums and flying camera shots, Michael Keaton race-walks through crowded New York City in his tight underpants in a bizarrely hilarious scene of the dark comedy "Birdman."
It's a risky experimental combo. But Mexican director Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu pulled it off on such a scale it propelled his movie to nine nominations for this Sunday's Oscars, including wins for the big enchiladas of best director and best movie.
The success of "Birdman" means Mexicans winning best director for two years running. In 2014, Alfonso Cuaron won for "Gravity," his groundbreaking sci-film film that featured Sandra Bullock floating around a junkyard of orbiting satellites and made a whopping $716 million at the box office.

This story originally appeared at GlobalPost.

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Official Latino Film Industry Post Oscar Party

This Year, The Latino Film Industry will be holding their Official Post Oscar Party at The Playhouse Hollywood Night Club at 6506 Hollywood Blvd, in Hollywood California.Ranked the number “4”nightclub in the world, The Playhouse Hollywood will dazzle artists in attendance, which invitees from film, music, TV, and sports, stretch over two continents, and over 20 countries.

The Latino Film Industry spared no expense on Craft Services by hiring a globally recognized team of Chefs that just placed 3rd in a world championship. Rumors spread rapidly on the invite list as the Latino Film Industry is the only Oscar Party supporting Veterans and PTSD. Two films in Hollywood, just released, highlight Veterans and PTSD. Who will that shinny guy named Oscar go to this year? As other parties had a hard time finding a new home this year, hint hint, this party had a head start with much blessing from the community.

The executive producer of this event, none other than the Messianic Jewish Latina “Isa Swarez”, has worked with the likes of Iheart Media, the MMA community, and many celebrity parties. A person who likes to stay in the shadows, and get the job done, began her start in Hollywood 23 years ago, by working with renowned publicist/writer, Elia Esparza. (ie. Latina,Univision,Latin Heat,
and many more.)

As an P.A. on many production sets, Isa has worked with the likes of Bel Hernadez, and Nancy De Los Santos, to name a few. This highly positive energetic professional, also just so happens to be the niece of the famed Ricardo Tejada from Televisa , as well as Susana Perez Ochoa, a heavy hitter with events, in Mexico City, D.F. As you see, the talent is genetic. This is the, don't miss event of the year, crossing collaborations from Canada, to South America. Where do you want to be Oscar Night?

Your invitationto the party is here.

Oscar Isaac: "We Latin American actors don't just know how to play villains"

By Anna Buj
Oscar Isaac continues to break away from Hollywood stereotypes of the Latino actor and, following the success of "Inside Llewyn Davis" by the Coen brothers, is again a critics' favorite with "A Most Violent Year," a tense drama in which he teams up with former classmate Jessica Chastain.

"We Latin American actors don't just know how to play gangbangers and villains. I've had the luck to play characters from all over the world, and that for me is very important," the Guatemalan-born Isaac said in an interview with Efe.

"A Most Violent Year" finds Isaac at the height of his career, since he will also appear in "X-Men:
"Apocalypse," the last of the "Star Wars" saga, and in the science fiction thriller "Ex Machina."

Though "A Most Violent Year" debuts this Friday in U.S. commercial theaters, the film has already earned him the Best Actor award from the National Board of Review (tied with Michael Keaton for "Birdman") and a nomination for the Gotham Independent Film Awards.

"I want to help Latin American actors see themselves as real actors, that we're really very good. It's hard but it's possible," the actor said, adding that his Latino origins are present in every part he plays.

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