Friday, October 17, 2014

Meet the Latino Cast of ‘The Book of Life’

Source by Vanessa Erazo

The new animated film The Book of Life, directed by Jorge Gutierrez and produced byGuillermo del Toro, looks like a game of Candyland exploded in Mexico during Día de Muertos. Voiced by a star studded cast of mostly Latinos, it’s steeped in Mexican culture (there’s bullfighting, churros, late-night serenatas, and Café Tacvba is on the soundtrack) but tells a charming love story that anyone can relate to.
It’s a star-crossed lovers tale, but with a feminist spin. Manolo Sánchez comes from a long line of matadors but his heart isn’t in it. He’s a sensitive fellow who can’t stand to kill a bull and just wants to sing and play his guitar. Plus, he’s too busy falling in love with a strong-willed and independent young lady named María who’s also being courted by Joaquín (who happens to be Manolo’s best friend.) When Manolo and Joaquín fight over her, she sternly tells  them, “I belong to no one.” There’s a bet over who will win María’s heart that sends Manolo on an epic journey through fantastical worlds (like the Land of the Remembered that promises all-you-can-eat churros) and his fight to get back to the Land of the Living.
It’s kind of like Romeo and Juliet except Mexican, and animated, and in 3-D. Here’s your chance to meet the cast. It’s a mix of old school stars (Plácido DomingoCheech Marin, and Héctor Olizondo) and new school heartthrobs (Diego Luna), plus a few awesome surprises.
HERE is the list of the cast.

[Film Screening] Los Jets

The screening will be followed by a Q&A with director Mark Landsman, Los Jets Founder & Coach Paul Cuadros, members of the Los Jets team and national leaders within the immigration reform movement.

From Executive Producer Jennifer Lopez comes Los Jets, the inspiring true story of a North Carolina high school soccer team made up entirely of the sons of Latino immigrants, who are fighting to reach the state championships.
The series follows their lives on and off the field and their quest to realize their dreams.

"Los Jets asks that elastic and inexhaustible question, 'What does it mean to be an American?'" - LA Times

"Ground level humanity..." - NY Daily News

"The most epic series on immigration." - Cosmopolitan

Sponsored by SEIU CA, SEIU USWW, SEIU Local 721, SEIU Local 99, SEIU ULTCW, CHIRLA, CA Table for Immigration Reform, NUVOtv, KIWA, Mi Familia Vota, LA County Federation of Labor.

Parking: on site, 8th St. and Catalina | 6pm Reception, 7pm screening

October 27, 2014 at 6pm - 8pm

Robert F. Kennedy Community Schools, Auditorium
701 S Catalina St
Los Angeles, CA 90005United States

[FILM REVIEW] 'The Book of Life'

Film Review by Maria G. Valdez 
Last year, I learned that Disney wanted to trademark the Día de los Muertos, a very Mexican tradition that focuses on remembering the dead, celebrating their lives and gathering family and friends to do so in a lively manner, full of color and with specific rituals. They backed off after the article I wrote exposing it (although at the time I just thought of it as a cool way for kids all over the world to learn about this), mostly because it prompted a petition online that got thousands of signatures and a lot of angry Disney fans.
Of course, I later understood that you couldn’t trademark a tradition like that. Commercializing on the folklore of a culture to benefit a major company and not precisely the country where that tradition hails from, just wasn’t right. Disney pulled back altogether and decided not to touch the subject again. Although it was a victory for the Día de los Muertos advocates, it was a great loss for Disney. Not too long after the whole situation blew up, calmed down and eventually was forgotten, Fox announced that they’re releasing an animated film based on the Día de los Muertos. READ MORE.

Michael Pena Hopes To Shine A Light On Latino Heroes In Fury

Source by by WENN 
Movie star Michael Pena is hoping his new movieFury will help film fans better understand the Latino effort in World War Two because he is shocked and appalled by the fact that Mexican and Puerto Rican soldiers have become the forgotten heroes of the conflict.
The American Hustle star attempted to research the role Latinos played in World War Two after landing the role of Trini 'Gordo' Garcia in the Brad Pitt film - and was stunned to realise there's so little written about the Hispanic heroes.
He tells Wenn, "It was harder than I thought it would be. There were not a lot of newspaper clippings or anything in Wikipedia, which was shocking because there were, like, half a million Latinos that actually fought in World War Two."
Writer/director David Ayer adds, "It's a little bit sad that Latinos made a huge contribution to the war effort in World War Two - and not just in uniform; between half a million served and there's no records but on the homefront as the white boys went to fight they had to fill these jobs in the factories.
"As I looked at the period photographs of these tank crews you'd start to see more and more Latinos. Unfortunately in these prior films they haven't shown that aspect or that diversity."


My Family is a 1995 independent American drama film directed by Gregory Nava, written by Nava and Anna Thomas, and starring Jimmy SmitsEdward James Olmos, and Esai Morales. The film depicts three generations of a Mexican-American family who immigrated from Mexico and settled in East Los Angeles.

Watch the FULL Movie

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Eva Longoria To Produce Latino Mythology Tv Series

Source by by WENN 
Actress Eva Longoria is set to executive produce a Tv series inspired by Latino mythology and folklore.
The former Desperate Housewives star is one of the brains behind an anthology series which will focus on Latino folk tales, according to Deadline.
Season one will be inspired by the story of La Llorona, or the weeping woman. Set in the southwest United States, the story will centre upon a troubled detective investigating a woman accused of drowning her children.
The series will be the latest producing project for Longoria, who currently serves as executive producer of U.S. Tv drama Devious Maids.

The Role Of A Latina Woman In Hollywood

Source by Barbara Estrada 
It has been shocking, as a Latina, to find out that a well-known actress that comes from a Latino background doesn’t talk about her heritage. Why is that?

People like Sofia Vergara, America Ferrera, Jennifer Lopez, Penelope Cruz and Salma Hayek have been some of the very few actresses to put their Latina roots on display. They are women in the industry that have been recognized as proud Latina women who have reached a famous status amongst the rest of the world, but the main concern is the lack of diversity in Hollywood. READ MORE.